Our Experience…Thousands of Sea Miles from Every Ocean

Every boat owner knows that choosing a yacht is a matter of trust. Trust in the experience and expertise of its designers and builders. There are few shipyards quite like Italia Yachts whose entire team consists of highly skilled and experienced professionals with thousands of sea miles in every ocean behind them.

Our team shares their experience from the European Championship, World Cup, America’s Cup and Admiral’s Cup. Each individual brings their own commercial and production skill gained in Italian and Overseas shipyards.

This experience is now in our yard and at your service from the design phase to testing at sea, continual advice and after sales support.

Our Philosophy:

To build fast, elegant and safe
boats with timeless design and exhilarating performance.

Our Experience: 

Sailing the sea is our passion and lifestyle with that experience reflected in every Italia Yachts U.S.A. vessel.

Our Quality Commitment:

Engineering superior sailing craft that consistently exceed our customers’ quality and performance expectations.